1-minute breathing exercise for a calm gut

Let go of stress and ease your digestion with a short relaxation technique which is as easy as breathing

Woman taking deep breath
Training ourselves to breathe in a certain way can reduce tension and improve digestion. (Image credit: Esther Driehaus, Unsplash).

It is something we do, naturally, every day without even thinking about. It is something which can change depending on how we feel. It is something essential to our survival. Why then, do we often neglect the way we breathe? 

Rapid, short breaths are a sign we are stressed. Many of us have unintentionally developed a shallow breathing pattern, where we take in less air, which over a long period of time can keep the body in a state of stress. Stress is a major gut disruptor. But, before we start worrying even more, we can use our breath to our advantage. Meditation app Headspace claim our breath is one of the most effective stress management tools. However, they say it is often overlooked.

“Our breath is one of the most effective stress management tools.”

“There is a good reason why people say, ‘Keep breathing’.

“Studies show that breathing exercises can improve cognitive function, encourage positive thought processes, and reduce symptoms of anxiety,” explain headspace.com.

So, practising breathing can slow our heart rate, reducing stress and, ultimately, stabilising our digestion.

Here is a quick and easy breathing technique which my hypnotherapist taught me. It is fast-acting and quickly helps us to calm down when we are feeling stressed. Try it next time you feel tense or are about to face a challenging situation.

Ratio breathing:
  1. Breathe in slowly through your nose for three seconds.
  2. Hold for one to two seconds.
  3. Quickly breathe out through your mouth or nose, counting to six.
  4. Repeat five or six times until you feel more relaxed.

And, it’s as simple as that! 

Do you have a breathing technique you want to share? Get in touch.

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