What is The Gut Choice?

Look out! There’s a new blog on the sphere. All is revealed about the online support network which advocates making positive choices for our tummies

The Gut Choice encourages a healthy gut and endorses making positive choices for our tummies.

If you’re reading this, you are probably my mum or you are actually experiencing tummy troubles. Either way, congrats on being one of the first visitors to my new blog! Let me tell you more about The Gut Choice.

In 2016, as I sat in the doctor’s office, I knew something had to change. I couldn’t bear the sharp stabbing pain in my stomach, which accompanied eating, any longer. I didn’t look forward to meals anymore. I couldn’t live my life. That was when the doctor told me I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) — a common long-term condition which affects the digestive system. Symptoms include abdominal cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. Often going to bed appearing six months pregnant, bloating was something I was very familiar with.

The Gut Choice is a safe space to discuss gut issues, share gut health advice and make positive choices for our tummies.”

The moment my life changed forever

Immediately, I was prescribed peppermint oil tablets. However, I was determined to find alternative ways to help myself. This is when one doctor changed my life. He suggested making changes to my diet. This might seem obvious, but as IBS is unique to each individual it can be difficult to know where to start. The doctor recommended removing lactose, where possible, to combat bloating and eating more oats as they are high in fibre. This is probably the one and only time a doctor’s medical advice will be to eat porridge — result! I switched my milk to Arla Lactofree Semi Skimmed and yoghurts to Alpro plant-based alternatives straight away, plus I began eating porridge three times a week. I also cut out white and red onions as these are major triggers for me. After just a short time, I saw positive results and became curious about what other foods may be harmful or beneficial to my gut. During my journey, I discovered plant-based food writer and entrepreneur Deliciously Ella who has become a major influence.

Organic jumbo oats
Due to the fibre in oats, having porridge can prevent the stomach from bloating.
What has this got to do with blogging?

I’m glad you asked! I became fascinated with gut health and what may impact it and quickly learnt I was not the only one experiencing gut problems — perhaps even yourself or people you know might be too! This fascination, combined with my passion for writing and helping others, is why I have decided to launch The Gut Choice. It is a safe space to discuss gut issues, share gut health advice and gain solutions in order to make positive choices for our tummies. I want to share my knowledge to provide a hopeful outcome for you all. I am in no way saying I have all the answers, but I have learned, alongside diet, stress and exercise are key factors which impact our gut; these will be the focus of my posts.

As our gut health is as unique to us as our fingerprint, I aim to include a range of topics. From expert advice, interviews and relaxation activities to tailored workouts and gut-friendly recipes, I hope you find something to help you or someone you love. There’s still a lot that needs to change. For instance, increased knowledge of ingredients used in restaurants. Whether you’re a sufferer of Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, want to improve your gut health or make a change, there is something for you. If you have any questions, would like to contribute or have a suggestion then please get in touch! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Here’s to happy tummies!

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